The simple pleasures


While I am working on another post, I thought I’d share a few more of my Rainbow Lorikeet pictures with you. The whole gang decided to show up yesterday when the lighting was just brilliant. I hope you enjoy!

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You can see more on my Facebook page.


29 thoughts on “The simple pleasures

  1. I never paid much attention to birds when I was younger. I so enjoy watching the ones that use my birdbath outside one of my windows. I noticed one day after cleaning my birdbath and replenishing it with fresh water the birds were waiting their turn to take their baths! I feel excited seeing bluejays and male cardinals because of their vibrant blue and red colors. To be able to see a lorikeet…wow! Beautiful pictures! Thank you for posting them.


    1. They are gorgeous! That’s a really cute little image of the birds waiting for their turn to bath – lovely! Thank you very much for sharing the beautiful image of the birds. They can really be so vibrant and lovely.


      1. OMG…I wasn’t familiar with this bird and just googled the Crimson Rosellas. Wow, beautiful! Amazing colorful birds in Australia!


  2. There ain’t NOTHIN’ like a rainbow lorikeet … oh, unless it’s a scaly-breasted lorikeet. We had both kinds up on Dangar Island, and we absolutely adored them. You are so lucky, Julie!


    1. Oh M.R., they’re amazing. I am very very lucky and see them almost everyday. They came by yesterday evening too and hopefully will put up another post of photos on my blog. If you have Facebook, you can see a couple of pictures including this one I used to go to Dangar Island as a kid – I keep wondering what it is like now 🙂 I rarely see the scaly breasted lorikeet!


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