The simple pleasures


While I am working on another post, I thought I’d share a few more of my Rainbow Lorikeet pictures with you. The whole gang decided to show up yesterday when the lighting was just brilliant. I hope you enjoy!

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29 responses to “The simple pleasures”

  1. I never paid much attention to birds when I was younger. I so enjoy watching the ones that use my birdbath outside one of my windows. I noticed one day after cleaning my birdbath and replenishing it with fresh water the birds were waiting their turn to take their baths! I feel excited seeing bluejays and male cardinals because of their vibrant blue and red colors. To be able to see a lorikeet…wow! Beautiful pictures! Thank you for posting them.


  2. There ain’t NOTHIN’ like a rainbow lorikeet … oh, unless it’s a scaly-breasted lorikeet. We had both kinds up on Dangar Island, and we absolutely adored them. You are so lucky, Julie!


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