M.I.A. at Eveleigh Market

ImageI’m a little M.I.A. at the moment, with things to do, people to see, places to go, stuff to write! I’ve been working on two blog posts for Oxfam’s GROW campaign on the place where this pic is taken – Eveleigh Market – and its sustainable farmers and food, and also thinking about my next The Allure of Junk post. Stay tuned and keep on chugging along!


18 responses to “M.I.A. at Eveleigh Market”

    • Thanks Alice, I feel I should check in and I want to, especially when I really love writing here, there are such great people here and I love hearing what people think, like yourself. I got my articles done in a short space of time (boy, I don’t think I was in my own house for very long last week) but hopefully they’ll be good. I’ll be back writing for my own blog and you guys asap 🙂


  1. Sound like a wonderful experience. The things we do when we’re young become the backbone in our experiences as we get older.
    I love your passion, and I’m excited for you and this journey your on.


    • Thank you Christopher. It was/is a wonderful experience and I am glad you can read that from this short post. It’s great to know. I do want these amazing experiences and passions I have to be the backbone of things to come. Much love and wishes on your journey too. Thank you again.


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