What can you do?!


The topic of food is difficult, with neverending questions of what you should/shouldn’t do or eat. Ever wonder: ‘What can you do?!‘ when it comes to eating right and fixing the broken food system? Need some answers? This post’s a beauty for that. We need to get out of the rut and it all starts with making food approachable. Would you agree?

4 thoughts on “What can you do?!

    1. Brilliant! Sounds fantastic and will read asap. I’ve recently purchased Michael Pollan’s book and really looking forward to diving into it. You’re amazing and it’s a pleasure to share your work. I’m sure other readers love it as much as I do. It’s sober and accessible, in the best of ways. Thank you for visiting here, looking at my work and sharing your links. I’m looking forward to reading these articles and more of your writing. Best wishes!


  1. Hey Jules

    I can relate! I’m a farmer and gardener in PA. The number one rule we give on food is this: Folks will eat what they understand.

    What does that mean?

    If they know it has holistic benefits like anti cancer, anti-depression and antioxidants, they’ll be more open to it. Also, a good cooking guide helps. Most people honestly don’t know what to chose that’s good for them so they eat fast food. It’s up to us who know food and herbs to gently guide them.


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