First Photographs of 2014 with Nature Quotes


“To put your hands in a river is to feel the chords that bind the earth together.” – Barry Lopez

Yellow Raindrops Sunny

“Economy without ecology means managing the human nature relationship without knowing the delicate balance between humankind and the natural world.”
– Satish Kuma

Intricate design Cute

“A living countryside is not a luxury but a necessity for the human population; if you let conservation go hang until your pockets are jingling there will be a lot less to conserve.” – Simon Barnes

Reflection Superb Blue Wren Am I pretty? Yes I am!

“An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfilment.” – David Attenborough

Raindrops on a summer's morning

Happy New Year to all of you beautiful people!

Julie x

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