Top 5 reasons to visit farmers’ markets

This article was first published on Oxfam's 3things website on 23 April 2013. It was written for Oxfam's GROW campaign, which creates awareness of the changes needed to fix the broken food system. Eating seasonally and locally, to reduce the environmental impact of our food production and consumption, is the first of six steps to a better [...]

M.I.A. at Eveleigh Market

I'm a little M.I.A. at the moment, with things to do, people to see, places to go, stuff to write! I've been working on two blog posts for Oxfam's GROW campaign on the place where this pic is taken - Eveleigh Market - and its sustainable farmers and food, and also thinking about my next The [...]

Fresher food, fresher me

A highlight of every weekend is visiting the Farmers' Markets in Eveleigh, but moreso what I get out of it: fresh food and a fresher me. Until the last few months, I'd never been to a fresh food market. I'd never really thought to. But thanks to my walking Google (the boyfriend), I realised that [...]